i don't know what's going on now


even though all my exams were over


and the grade are coming out


i don't think i fail in this smester




i thought i'm pretty good


all the troubles had gone


in fact


i should be happy right now


just waiting for the new year


but i feel a kind of empty


i don't know what's wrong with me


just though


i think i should know someone is watching


i don't konw what's that person thinking


maybe i got the same feeling too


i want to know whether i can get what i want or not


i want a clear answer


or something


i want to know whether i should keep going or not


i really tired


can you give me something?


i don't want to brain storming everyday


can you tell me how to do?


i'm not gonna waste my life anymore


maybe just like what V says


just give up!


what M says


that's painful


yeah i really don't like this kind of feeling


i want to stop but i can't


I can't help myself


what can i do now?





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  • Vanessa
  • Oh~baby
    Don't think too much!
    This is life~
  • yeah~
    c'est la vie...

    playgirl 於 2009/01/25 16:13 回覆

  • yeayea0515
  • be yourself

    do what u wanna do
    by the way
    your exams were "over" or "passed"
    i have doubts...